One of the remarkable things about the history of the château is that it belongs not to one family but to a hugely diverse group of proprietors.  This makes for an exciting story which touches on the history of the French people themselves as they forge their country over hundreds of years.  The story is emerging and this document is in the process of being written.


Coinciding with the elevation of Baron Jalesnes to Marquis in 1634 for services millitaire (Louis XIII) First marquis also the last of the blood line Married Elenor de Breze had two daughters.  Nothing of note until 1780 Charles Louis Francois married Jeanne Sheridan.  en revolution 1789 went to England .1794 came back too early Bastille.


1815 Prussians. 1825 3 times the size.  1879 Infant of Spain Move to staircase.  1881 Death of Marquis.

Ancient History

Feudal Stronghold dating from 11th Century.  Nothing left of original building the current dates from the beginning of the 17th century.  Jalesnes takes its name from the family who occupied the property.  First mention Jaquelin de Jalesnes Battle of Hattin.

Modern History

1886 Purchase by Ackerman.1916 Gift to Nuns.  1942 Germans.End of school 1963.  1965 Fretigny 2006 disrepair. 2013 New life.