Local Area

There is such a huge variety of things to do in the region that it is not possible to do justice to all of them here so we have picked a few of our favourites. Centred on the mighty UNESCO World Heritage classified Loire river, our guests can zig-zag through a veritable cornucopia of terrific things to see and do from the thrill of the Le Mans racing circuit to the astonishing horsemanship of the Cadre Noire Riding School; from a family day out at Joyful Valley Lake to a leap back in history at Saumur Castle.

Châteaux of the Loire

It is for its châteaux that the Loire Valley is rightly famous and with thousands of architectural gems bearing witness to generations of intrigue, lust and avarice you will be spoilt for choice.  We have included pictures of 4 of the most famous but don’t forget that the smaller ones also have fascinating histories and give more intimate insights into the socio-economic life of whole communities over centuries.  Château de Jalesnes has such a history.

Wine Tasting

What could possibly rival the châteaux of the Loire?  The wines perhaps?  Château de Jalesnes was the family home of one of the region’s founding vintners – Ackerman – who brought the now famous sparkling wine or Cremant to the Loire using the champagne method of manufacture,.  Also not to be missed is the Combier distillery with its ancient steaming copper stills; the wonderful wines of Parnay where the vines are grown through south facing stone walls with the roots taking respite from the sun on the North side and not forgetting the region’s only Grand Cru – the sweet Quarts de Chaume.

Young at Heart

The Loire Valley is not just full of dusty old château and alcohol for Mums and Dads, it’s absolutely ‘chocca’ with things to amuse the child in all of us.  With over 1000 animals roaming freely in an abandoned troglodyte quarry is one of the area’s finest ecologically-friendly attractions. Closluce showcases working models of the inventions of Leonardo ds Vinci whilst at  Puy Du Fou you can witness a spectacle on such a vast scale that it is hard to believe what you are seeing.  Finally a theme-park which will take you as far from the Loire as you can get www.futuroscope.com

Adventure and Outdoor

Whether you a walker or a cyclist; are into golfing or horse-riding, the Loire Valley has something to offer everyone.  Why not use Château de Jalesnes as a base for cycling tour in the Loire.  Enjoy the markets; both Antique and Farmers’, which take place in towns and villages all along the Loire.  And don’t forget the adrenaline rush which comes with hot-air ballooning, parachuting, kayaking and parcours, all of which are available from the château