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A French Weekend to Remember

It has been a memorable weekend at the Château de Jalesnes.  On Saturday the Fête Nationale  – Bastille Day – was celebrated in France.  Every town and village in this region, and in France at large, was decorated with colourful bunting and French flags. There was a palpable air of excitement due to the fabulous weather, with music festivals, floral festivals and outdoor concerts happening everywhere – villages in a holiday mood.  A quick stop… Read more »

Love is in the air at the Château de Jalesnes!

Love is in the air at Chateau de Jalesnes! What could be more romantic than to receive a proposal of marriage in a French château?  This was obviously paramount in the thoughts of one of our recent guests who proposed to his love right here.  This was no last minute snap decision, but a carefully planned, precision operation helped along seamlessly, behind the scenes beforehand, by the château team. The perfect château suite was chosen,… Read more »

An Afternoon at Saumur Market

It’s been a busy Saturday morning at Jalesnes.  Uncharacteristically, I have left it a bit late to head into the nearest ‘big’ town, Saumur, to do my market shopping.  Saumur is an easy twenty minutes drive from home.  It is a glorious day here and generally a good idea to be at the market before 8am. I glance at my watch and realise that it’s almost 11 as I drive across the famous bridge, the… Read more »

From the desk of the Chatelaine, Château de Jalesnes

Summer has arrived at the Chateau de Jalesnes and it is very early morning as I sit at my desk writing my first ever blog.  Although there is a suggestion of a cool breeze wafting though my window, I know that by mid morning the sun will have the intensity of midday.  Wood pigeons call to one another from the woodland and hedgerows surrounding the château and I know that in the distance, the fields… Read more »