Your Events

Chateau de Jalesnes was built (and subsequently refurbished) to party; from the stately weddings of Marquises since the 16th Century to the sparkling wine-fuelled banquets of Maison Ackerman; from the glittering house parties of Don Carlos de Bourbon to the high-jinx and laughter of a convent school for young ladies.  It has been equally hailed as an establishment of learning, training and administration and the layout of the voluminous formal spaces echo the seminary, retreat and exhibition opportunities to which Jalesnes is so well-suited.  Whatever your interest; we can always tailor a solution to your needs.


Couples gasp at the sheer plethora of possibilities to which the chateau lends itself.  The formal rooms and grounds of the chateau have been expertly divided to offer a magical journey through your great day from a sparkling Vin d’Honneur on the front Reception Terrace to the last dance in the lofty vaulted Chapel of St Louis; from your helicopter arrival on the marquee lawns to a morning-after breakfast-brunch in the forest. Read More….

Your Company Retreat

Privacy and discretion are the watch words of our success as a venue for senior managers and blue-chip companies.  From the moment the electric gates close behind you and your executive transfer from the nearby airport sweeps through the grounds, you know you have arrived in an oasis of calm where you can relax into a more creative state of mind.  The chateau itself will become your cathedral of inspiration.  Talk to us about your needs and we will seek to exceed them.

Your Family Celebration

Every once-in-a-while, there comes a time for us all to honour the idea of ‘family’.  At Chateau de Jalesnes we have been host to all manner of ‘families’ and the Grand Old Lady of Jalesnes certainly knows how to make everyone feel special.  Whether it is a ‘family’ of work colleagues celebrating the retirement of a much-respected colleague or a family of siblings looking to arrange a surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary, our hospitality knows no boundaries.

Entrepreneur-led Residential Courses

We are the venue of choice for a number of successful entrepreneurs each one of whom brings their clients to the chateau for several days of intensive training or immersion.  We can host art classes, cookery schools, yoga retreats and boot camps to name but a few.  We can work to a budget and provide an un-rivalled backdrop to your activity of choice.  The accommodation is sumptuous, the food exquisite and the experience unforgettable.