Slide 1 Her heart races as the
doors open, and in a
moment they lock eyes
suddenly everything
slows, suddenly it
all feels perfect

This is your Opportunity to Own a Share of a French Chateau

You can Invest in Chateau de Jalesnes

With your share package you get the right to use your designated Suite. You can choose a 2, 4 or 8 week package. You are guaranteed at least twelve days in one block in Summer with flexible options for shorter breaks in Summer or longer breaks in Spring, Fall or Winter.

You choose the size Suite that suits you and the actual Suite you would like to use and you will get priority for any booking. You get complete flexibility with using your allocation with your friends or family.

You become an owner of the Chateau!

Our Fractional Ownership packages protect your investment. You become a shareholder in the Company that owns the Chateau and the company that operates the Chateau.

You will be invited to an annual Investors gathering and meeting and join our growing Chateau family! There are no hidden or extra fees. You pay up front then enjoy your investment and becoming part of the Chateau family, knowing that you investment will grow with time.

“We’ve always loved the peace of the countryside, the French way of life and 5 star quality.  When we were introduced to Chateau de Jalesnes it was a very simple decision to invest.’

‘The Loire Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth and is the place I feel the most relaxed and far away from the stresses of day to day life.  The Chateau’s location in the breadbasket of France gives access to the finest cuisine and wine.  It truly feels like our home away from home.  We love it.’

‘We see our investment in Chateau de Jalesnes as a life-long life-style decision.  As I head towards the end of my career we fully expect to spend more and more time there and also share it’s joys with all generations of our family”

Tony and Bev Wright – Investors

Investor Packages

We have packages to suit any Investors needs. For a couple you can have a 2 week package in a Studio Suite for as low as 38,000 euro or for family holidays a Two Bedroom Suite for a 4 week package from 162,000 euro.

Our team will work with you to structure a package to suit your needs.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us at

Château de Jalesnes

10 rue de Blou, 49390, Vernantes, Pays de Loire, France


+33 (0)2 41 50 60 61 (FR)


[email protected]

Everything confirms that you have indeed discovered the perfect venue.